Why Tablets Aren’t Yet Able to Replace Laptops

The world of computers is very dynamic. Manufacturers are always looking for ways to make computing easier, more portable and more powerful. Each new form factor of computing comes along with benefits and drawbacks. When the first generation iPad was released, Apple showed consumers that many tasks could be done with a flat, thin and light notebook.

Progressively, laptops have gotten thinner, lighter, more powerful and come with premium build qualities. Tablets now range in size from the seven inch form factor all the way up to the almost 19 inch form factor of the Samsung Galaxy View (see our thoughts here). This all raises the question, can one of these tablets really replace your laptop? In short, my opinionated answer is no.

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Is the LG Gram the Perfect Ultra-Portable Laptop?

With a name like Gram and a tagline “lighter than air”, it is clear that LG is aiming for portability with their newest laptop. Portable notebooks are great. You can carry them around in your backpack, carry it with one hand, and take it anywhere with minimal effort. The downside with many ultra-portable laptops are power and battery life. Because these laptops are so thin, there is less space to put a battery. With less battery power, manufacturers must build a laptop with less RAM and weaker processors. LG is looking to give users the best of both worlds with the Gram, and they did a pretty good job doing so. Continue reading