Samsung Galaxy TabPro S: Samsung’s Entry into the Convertible Form Factor

In the beginning of January at CES 2016, Samsung unveiled some promising devices. Arguably the most notable of which being the TabPro S: Samsung’s return to the Windows “tablet” market. I put quotes around tablet because I think this device would be more accurately classified as a convertible or a two in one. Whatever you call it, the convertible market is the future of tablets. I anticipate mobile tablets (tablets running a mobile operating system i.e. Android/IOS) soon becoming passé as their functionality is limited.

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Samsung’s 18.5 inch Galaxy View is Like a Portable Smart TV

This week, Samsung announced a gigantic 18.5 inch tablet called the Galaxy View. With phones getting bigger and bigger, consumers must choose when to draw the line between a phone and a tablet. For example, I’m not so sure that I’d call a seven inch phone like the Blu Studio 7.0 LTE a phone. Rather, I would call it a tablet capable of making phone calls! 

Pictured: Blu Studio 7.0

Instead of calling Samsung’s new tablet a tablet, I would call it a portable TV…but better! Here are my thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy View.
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