About The Blog

Morning Coffee Tech is a technology blog that will feature news, reviews, opinions and more. My focus with Morning Coffee Tech is to provide professional content that is pleasant to read. I hope to incorporate my personal interests into content with the hope of connecting with my readers and audience. Many of the images featured in blog posts are my own. If I do happen to use images that belong to another source, this source will be credited at the end of the post. I strongly believe that the viewers of a blog are just as important as the writers. I encourage all readers to reach out to me (see contact page) whether it be for suggestions, criticisms or simply just to say hello. The content I create is created solely for the consumption by viewers, therefore they should be able to take part in this creation.

About Me

My name is John and I have held a fascination for technology for many years now. I have always been interested and excited by how technology progresses and the things that consumers are now capable of doing with devices such as phones, tablets and laptops. A personal skill of mine is communication and writing. I love to meet new people and compare interests with others. I also enjoy writing and believe that I can express myself sufficiently through  my writing. It is because of these interests and skills of mine that I believe blogging will be a good hobby for me. I have so far greatly enjoyed myself and hope to see Morning Coffee Tech turn into something great.

Where the Name ‘Morning Coffee Tech’ Comes From

To put it simply, I love coffee and I love technology. Being a self proclaimed coffee connoisseur, there is nothing I love more than waking up to a fresh pot of joe. I hope that reading posts on my blog will evoke a similar feeling in readers to having their morning coffee (if applicable, of course). An at home feeling of warmth and comfort, that is. I try to keep my posts very down to earth incorporating personality every chance I can. I try to prove that professional doesn’t mean stiff or boring.


Some of the products I review here on Morning Coffee Tech  may have been sent to me at no cost by companies. Whether I bought a product with my own money or had the product sent to me at no cost, I guarantee only honest and non biased reviews. With that said, all opinions expressed on this blog are my own and should not be confused with definite facts. Thank you for accepting and understanding these guidelines.