Why I Switched to IOS After 7 Years

The Backstory:

Flashback to fifth grade: the coolest kids in the class were beginning to get their own cell phones. This was just about the time when the first generation iPhone was being introduced. At this time, iPhones were for adults. Out of all my peers that had their own cell phones, maybe one had an iPhone. The rest were flip phones or slide phones. My first phone was the Samsung Intensity.



This phone was really awesome at the time. The Intensity had a slide keyboard rather than numbers that had to be pressed multiple times for the right letter to come out. The device had a battery that lasted for days and more importantly…cool ringtones. After a year or so, I bought this phone’s successor: the Samsung Intensity II.

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This phone was cool because it had some new color options…and new ringtones. Then, life changed: I got my first smartphone. I broke the Samsung streak and inherited a Droid A855 from a family friend.

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Looking back, this was a legendary phone (a smartphone with a keyboard?! Wow!) After my A855 broke, I became Samsung’s preacher. I had a Galaxy S3 and a Galaxy S6. In between, I got my whole family and a few friends to switch to Samsung from their beloved iPhones. It was no surprise that when the Note 7 was released, I got it on the first day. This was when disaster struck.

The Disaster:

I was thrilled. I had a brand new, silver Note 7. Beautiful screen, blazing fast performance, great build quality and the latest version of my favorite Android skin, TouchWiz.

I was busy showing off my new toy when someone told me they heard of Note 7s exploding. I doubtfully smiled and said, “don’t’ worry.” Before I knew it, there was a worldwide recall. I was disappointed but understanding. Many companies have made defective devices. I was happy to hear that Samsung was offering loaner phones until the revamped Note 7 was available. I drove over to the Target where I bought the phone ready to get my temporary loaner phone. Target told me that I could either trade my Note 7 for a different phone or wait until the “safe” Note 7 was released. This directly contradicted Samsung’s offer. I phoned Samsung informing them of my issue and they told me to await a response. Days later, I called back. I was told that they would get in touch with Target and settle the issue. Several weeks and unsuccessful phone calls later, the “safe” Note 7 is released. I have been very careful not to overcharge or overuse my phone in the meantime. I go back to Target, ready to exchange my phone for the “safe” version. They don’t have it. Weeks later, I still have my original Note. I am now getting notifications upon turning on my phone telling me to power down immediately (am I really supposed to go without a phone?) Now, this “safe” Note 7 is blowing up too! So what now?

What Now:

Like I said, every company makes mistakes. Samsung made too many. I reached out to their customer service many times, only to avail nothing. I have been using this phone for weeks now fearing that it could blow up at any time. Samsung made a promise to customers and left it unfulfilled. According to TechnoBuffalo, they are also trying to cover up cases of Note 7 explosions. I decided that after a great seven years, it was time for a change…goodbye Samsung. I am not fond of purchasing devices that have been out for months, otherwise I would have gotten a Galaxy S7 and called it a day. So the question is, where do I go now?

Where I Went:

It was time for me to do some serious thinking. I am leaving Samsung and want a new phone. The Google Pixel/XL just came out.

These looked promising but were far from perfect. I spent some time reflecting and realized that almost everything I love about Android is based around Samsung. This made things difficult. Time went on and I did more thinking and reflecting. I came to a shocking realization: the only other phone that is premium enough to satisfy me is…the iPhone. I have spent hours raving about how I dislike Apple and how much better Android is. Well, the gap is narrowing. Apple’s weaknesses are turning into strengths. iPhones look and feel as premium as ever, are waterproof, have improved software that performs flawlessly and cost just about the same as Samsung’s flagships. After discussing these thoughts with family and friends, I walked passed their shocked expressions and back to Target. I found out that almost every store (including Apple flagship stores) are sold out of iPhone 7 Pluses. I approached Target expecting the worst. Luckily, they told me that they have been getting new iPhones in every day. I ordered a matte black iPhone 7 Plus 128gb variant. I am now waiting for an email telling me it is ready for pick up.

What Happens Now:

By the end of this week, I should be using an iPhone as my daily driver for the first time ever. I am very excited. I look forward to using iMessage and FaceTime, no longer having to hear my friends complain about the color of the text bubbles when they text me or the way the group chats function. I look forward to the smooth, app-optimized performance of IOS. It’s exciting and surprising. If you asked me last month if I would consider getting an iPhone, I would have laughed out loud. After a closer look, Apple and IOS may not be so bad after all. Who knows: I may buy into the Apple ecosystem after all…

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2 thoughts on “Why I Switched to IOS After 7 Years

  1. Hi @morningcoffeetech,
    Thank you for the very well written synopsis of your journey. I look forward to your reviews of the transition to IOS and the real tech world. (Lol) I know once you give it a chance you’ll know why it’s the best.

    1. Thank you, Gary. I too am excited. The iPhone 7 Plus is apparently in very high demand; I am still on the waitlist!

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