TaoTronics Bluetooth Earbuds Review: Solid Budget Sport Headphones

These are the wireless earbuds from TaoTronics. At the time of this review, they are on sale on Amazon for $29.99.


The earbuds come nicely packaged with a very small micro-usb charging cable, smaller and larger eartips, a carrying bag and an instruction manual.


The neckband of the earphones is made of a flexible yet very sturdy silicon material. The band feels strong enough to withhold even the strongest of pulling. The part of the unit that houses the power button and controls is made of a hard plastic and gives the buttons a shiny appearance. Different types of pressing on the control buttons (see instruction manual) will enable you to raise and lower the volume, play and pause whatever content you are listening to and change the song forward and backward, all without touching your phone.

The silicon is made to adjust to the shape of your ear and the earbuds themselves simply go into your ear canal.


(Image courtesy of TaoTronics)

I tried all of the sizes of eartips and none of them gave me a comfortable fit. If I was just sitting or walking, the earbuds stayed in my ear. Once I began to run, jump or bend backward, the earbuds would fall out of my ears. The fit is going to be different for everyone. If you are like me, and find that almost no earbud fits in my ear, don’t expect these to be an exception. If you don’t usually have issues with earbuds fitting, these should fit you just fine.

These earbuds sound great. There is deep bass as well as loud and crisp sound. These cancel background noise to some extent, but these are certainly not noise cancelling headphones.

Excluding my personal issue with fit, these are great headphones to take with you on a workout. TaoTronics advertises the headset as sweat-proof and this has held up for my use so far. The durability of these headphones is above average. Using these, I am not worried about dropping them or ripping them like I would be with the thin wires of other headphones. The battery life of these is also above average, especially for this price range. You can get about seven hours of use per charge, which can last about a week’s worth of trips to the gym for me. Bluetooth connection was flawless; paired quickly, no disconnects and even a good connection range.

The Good:

-Strong build quality

-Good sound

-Above average battery life

-Overall price and value

The Bad:

-Earbuds did not remain in ear for moderately vigorous activity (will vary depending on user)

Final Notes:

This is an excellent pair of wireless headphones. I can’t imagine a better choice for under $30. If you don’t usually have issues with this type of headphone fitting in your ear, pick these up. They sound awesome, feel strong, look good and have a powerful battery.

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