Changing the Style of our Reviews!

Welcome to, a relaxed, reliable and enjoyable source for tech news, reviews, opinions and more. I am excited to announce some subtle changes here on the site that I believe will make our content more informative, enjoyable and easy to read. Here’s what’s new:

Shorter Reviews:

Let’s face it: when you are looking to buy a product and may be comparing several different options in one category, the last thing you want to do is read thousands of words saying something that could be said in twenty. We hope to maintain a style and personality in our content, but keep things short and to the point.


We love Twitter. We think it is a great tool to get a message across to followers. Instagram, however, is a platform that can be used to do more than just share selfies with your friends. Here at Morning Coffee Tech, we want to use it to display an image of the products we are reviewing as well as some quick bullet points on our testing experience. Make sure to give us a follow! @morningcoffeetech

Better Pictures:

Image is important. We love taking pictures. We hope to explore new visual styles as well!

We hope that you are as excited about the upcoming improvements as we are.

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