Moko Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard: The Best I Have Ever Used

Bluetooth keyboards can serve a wide range of purposes for mobile users. They can provide an alternative keyboard for those unhappy with their device’s built in keyboard or can be used with devices such as tablets, which don’t have physical keyboards. There is some level of variation between different keyboards, but many of them are quite similar in terms of functionality and build. MoKo’s Bluetooth keyboard is different. This keyboard has a wide range of unique features that make it quite special and actually excellent. A quick disclaimer: I have written this entire review using this Bluetooth keyboard.

What’s in the Box:

In the box comes the keyboard, a micro USB cable and a detailed, in-color user manual.

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Design/Build Quality:

So the elephant in the room with this keyboard is its foldability. This is indeed a folding keyboard. It folds two-ways and locks magnetically to create a rectangle that reminds me of two old school Nintendo DS’ next to each other in terms of size and shape.


For a more modern example, the folded up keyboard is in between a phone and a tablet in terms of size. In terms of thickness, it is approximately twice as thick as my Galaxy S6.


It isn’t incredibly comfortable to carry around in your pocket, but it also isn’t terribly uncomfortable. Those wearing tight pants may struggle to fit in in their pocket, but most pants and shorts should sufficiently hold the unit. The general build of the keyboard is very high quality. The keyboard’s exterior is all metal but the unit is still light to hold. The metal surface is not vulnerable to fingerprints and it doesn’t seem like it scratches easily. The folding is made possible by hinges that look similar to those found on many laptop/tablet convertibles.


When the keyboard is open, there are four screws that aren’t particularly aesthetically pleasing, but do not affect the user experience negatively.


I read in other reviews that users were unable to type on their laps due to the device folding up during usage. I did not have this issue; typing on my lap worked just fine.


Obviously the most important factor with this device is the typing experience. As mentioned in the introduction, this entire review was typed using this keyboard. I am able to type just as quickly and accurately with this keyboard as I would with any other. The usual word processing shortcuts (Ctrl+B=Bold, Ctrl+V=Paste, etc.) all worked with this keyboard even on Android. The keyboard also features full backlighting. Personally, I was very excited about this because I really enjoy backlit keyboards on laptops. Backlighting is not a feature that you see often on Bluetooth keyboards and if you do, these choices tend to be more pricey. The backlight is bright and comes in three colors: red, blue and green, and two dimness settings.


This is the first Bluetooth keyboard I have ever seen that has changeable backlighting colors. Another fairly unique feature of MoKo’s Bluetooth Keyboard is the use of a rechargeable battery. Bluetooth keyboards I have used in the past all used replaceable (AAA,AA, etc.) batteries. This rechargeable battery is 210mAh and performs quite well. On a single charge, this device could last at least a few weeks with regular usage. Standby time is rated at 218 days with the backlight deactivated. Actual usage specifications depend on backlighting settings, connection status, etc. The keyboard will recharge in a few hours using Micro USB (cable included, power brick is not).


There is a ‘power’ indication light at the top of the keyboard which indicates charging status. The keyboard has some really cool features that actually take some usage to discover. For example, by pressing Fn+Alt, the ‘power’ indication light will indicate how much battery is left by blinking (25% per blink). There are two other indicators that show caps lock status and the connection state (paired, searching, etc.)


I recommend looking at the instruction manual to discover the other cool shortcuts. MoKo’s keyboard also has some noteworthy battery saving features. Folding up the keyboard will automatically turn it off, and unfolding it will turn it back on. When I tried this, the Bluetooth connection was reestablished within seconds. Also, the keyboard will ‘sleep’ after thirty minutes idling and the backlighting will turn off after one minute of idling. This keyboard is not exclusively Bluetooth; it can also be used as a USB keyboard using the included micro USB cable (a third party cable will work as well). The user can switch between Bluetooth mode and USB mode with the touch of a button (consult the instruction manual). I had no Bluetooth connection issues whatsoever; the keyboard paired immediately and maintained an uninterrupted connection.

Overall Value:

At the time of this review, this keyboard retails for $45.99 on Amazon (without backlighting is $35.99). There are many Bluetooth keyboards that retail for this price or more and do much less. MoKo’s Bluetooth Keyboard brings a lot to the table. It folds up for maximum portability, has powerful backlighting with three color choices, a rechargeable yet powerful battery and excellent typing comfort and accuracy. Using this device really made me say “wow”. I would wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone looking for a Bluetooth keyboard. Given the price, the value is unbeatable.

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