MoKo LED Desk Lamp: Sleek, Flexible and Portable

MoKo’s LED Desk Lamp is a sleek and powerful lamp that runs on a rechargeable battery. It makes a great accessory for small spaces and a powerful backup for power outages.

What’s in the Box:

In the box comes the lamp, a USB cable for recharging and an instruction manual.



Design/Build Quality:

The MoKo LED Desk Lamp screams modern in terms of design and functionality. It is minimalistic featuring only a single button and an otherwise solid color design. The lamp has a very flexible body and can be flexed in two places: the “head” and the “neck”. The light can be flexed all the way back to a 180-degree angle and forward so that the head folds up and becomes one piece with the neck (very convenient should you want to take the lamp on the go). This lamp also stands out in portability. Many regular lamps can be bulky and quite heavy, making them a pain to move around. With MoKo’s lamp, there are no wires and the unit is so light that it can be carried in one hand with no problem. I chose the white model because it happens to match my desk setup perfectly.


Despite being so light, the lamp feels very sturdy and doesn’t look or feel cheap.


With this lamp, you no longer have to worry about replaceable bulbs and pesky wires. The MoKo Desk Lamp runs on a rechargeable battery that can be charged using micro USB either through a computer or through the wall (wall power brick not provided). There is a light which conveniently indicates the status of charging.


The built in battery is 1000mAh and will last between 3.5 and 6 hours per charge depending on the dimness setting of the light. Due to the device’s portability and the fact that it uses the same charger as my phone, recharging the battery was a breeze. The single button on the base of the device is actually less of a button and more of a flat, touch sensitive surface. This surface was accurate and I had no problem with it recognizing my touch. This power “button” doubles as the lamp’s dimmer. After pressing to power on the light, you can hold your finger on the button and the light will softly dim until you remove your finger or until it reaches the minimum brightness. A second touch and hold will once again brighten the light. There is a pretty impressive brightness spectrum with this light. In other words, this light gets pretty bright and also gets pretty dim. The user will of course choose whatever in-between is most comfortable for them given current conditions. I don’t feel that this lamp could sufficiently light an entire room. This of course depends on the size of the room and the user’s preference on how bright they like their environment. I personally would not use this device in place of an overhead light or stand up, full size lamp. In my opinion, this light will function to its full potential when used to light a small space such as a work bench. The light could also provide a nice experience at night when you crave a soft, easy on the eyes light rather than an overpowering bright light. Finally, in the event of a blackout, this is a device that does not rely on electricity and will provide more light than most alternatives (candles, etc.)  

Overall Value:

The current cost of this lamp on Amazon is $14.99. Unlike other lamps, there are no bulbs that need to be replaced and no cost of electricity (other than recharging the lamp). Charging is simple, using the same plug as many phones and tablets. The lamp can be adjusted to the desired angle and emits a soft light with a wide spectrum of brightness options while still being compact, light and portable.

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