MoKo Waterproof Bag: Waterproof Any Phone for $5.99

In early 2013, Sony changed mobile technology with their Xperia Z which was fully waterproof. Many of Sony’s succeeding phone and tablet models also had this feature. Over three years later, this feature is still rare. Samsung is probably the biggest manufacturer to adopt this feature with their Galaxy S5 and now their Galaxy S7 (now rumored to NOT be fully waterproof after all!) Moko has produced an accessory that can turn any phone (under six inches) into a fully submersible (up to 98 feet) waterproof one!

What’s in the Box:

In the box comes two waterproof bags (I ordered the dual pack), two neck straps, two arm bands and some instructions.




Design/Build Quality:

Moko’s bag stands out in its versatility. There is a small hole on the top of the bag which the provided neck band can be looped through, enabling the bag to be worn around one’s neck.


Alternatively, there is an opening on the back of the bag which enables the device to be worn on one’s arm (good for sweat-proofing a phone during a run or workout).


The bag feels very sturdy all around. The locking mechanisms at the top can be unlocked with a fingernail, opening the bag. It does take some slight fidgeting to close the bag again, but nothing worth complaining about. A legitimate concern when using a device of this kind is the possibility of puncturing the bag, causing water to get through. The material does seem strong enough to withhold mild damage, but I would recommend testing the bag before each use.


MoKo recommends that users give the bag an initial test by placing tissues inside of the bag and submerging it in water for two to three hours (this is stated in the instructions). This proves that–to put it simply–the bag works. When I tested my unit, the tissues came out completely dry. One of the best features about this bag is the ability to interact with your phone while it’s in the case. Due to the air inside, you have to press a little harder on your screen than normal, but otherwise your phone is fully functional inside of the case. It is difficult, however, to press the power button while the phone is in the case. Also, the fingerprint scanner will not recognize your finger through the case. Even while the case is soaking wet, screen interaction is a breeze. Although, while submerged under water, the screen didn’t recognize my touch. This means that taking pictures underwater is difficult, but possible by using the volume down button to capture a shot.   

Overall Value:

Like many of MoKo’s other products, this bag is very inexpensive. A single bag goes for $5.99 on Amazon and a two pack goes for $9.99. For that price, this product is a no-brainer. Even if you won’t be using it regularly, it is a good idea to have this bag around. You no longer have to fear taking your phone poolside or even with you in the shower! Myself being a shower singer, that is my primary use for the bag! 

Pick up one for yourself here!

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