Moko FM Transmitter: Solid Value & Performance, but Missing a Key Feature

Many new car models enable drivers to use their own device to play music on the car’s stereo. Whether this be through an auxiliary wired connection or a Bluetooth wireless connection, it certainly comes in handy! For those driving older cars without this ability, there are many devices available to serve a similar function. Previously, I was using the Mpow Bluetooth Adapter to play music from my phone to my car speakers. This device is currently on sale for under $25 on Amazon. For $15 cheaper, there is the Moko FM Transmitter. This inexpensive device performed consistently and with high quality, but lacked a key feature for devices of this type.

What’s in the Box:

The device comes neatly packaged accompanied only by an instruction manual.


Design/Build Quality:

The device’s design is simple and minimal. There is a soft blue light on the base of the device to indicate power is coming through.


There is also a screen to show what radio station the signal is being transmitted to. The screen is advertised as high contrast and easy to read, however while in direct sunlight, I had trouble seeing it.


The auxiliary cable is long and comes neatly wrapped in velcro. There is also a USB port on the base capable of charging any device. Note that a USB charging cable is not included with the device.


In terms of performance, the Moko Transmitter works flawlessly. You plug the base into your car’s lighter port straight out of the box, plug the other end into your phone, tablet, or any device with an auxiliary port, and ‘bing bang boom’ you can start pumping the tunes. Unlike Bluetooth transmitters, there is no setup required. With the Bluetooth transmitter I was previously using, I often had to fuss with the connection for moments upon starting the car and faced occasional connection problems. With MoKo’s Transmitter, I faced neither setup issues nor connection issues. Being a wired connection, the sound was of very high quality. The single complaint that I have with this device may be a dealbreaker for some. This is, the lack of a control. With this device, if one would like to change or pause the song, they would have to do so through their phone. This is, of course, a road hazard and a violation of the law in many states. The Bluetooth transmitter I was previously using had a previous track and skip track button on the unit itself, for safer access while driving. The lack of this feature on the MoKo Transmitter was disappointing, but does not take away from the consistent performance of the device overall.

Overall Value:

The MoKo FM Transmitter sells for a mere $10. For this price, you get great sound quality and reliable connection. The lack of a control is inconvenient, however can be looked past given the price and quality of the device. If you wish to play music from a portable device to an older car model, the MoKo FM Transmitter is an excellent choice.

Find it on Amazon here!

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