Moko Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard: The Best I Have Ever Used

Bluetooth keyboards can serve a wide range of purposes for mobile users. They can provide an alternative keyboard for those unhappy with their device’s built in keyboard or can be used with devices such as tablets, which don’t have physical keyboards. There is some level of variation between different keyboards, but many of them are quite similar in terms of functionality and build. MoKo’s Bluetooth keyboard is different. This keyboard has a wide range of unique features that make it quite special and actually excellent. A quick disclaimer: I have written this entire review using this Bluetooth keyboard.

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MoKo Waterproof Bag: Waterproof Any Phone for $5.99

In early 2013, Sony changed mobile technology with their Xperia Z which was fully waterproof. Many of Sony’s succeeding phone and tablet models also had this feature. Over three years later, this feature is still rare. Samsung is probably the biggest manufacturer to adopt this feature with their Galaxy S5 and now their Galaxy S7 (now rumored to NOT be fully waterproof after all!) Moko has produced an accessory that can turn any phone (under six inches) into a fully submersible (up to 98 feet) waterproof one!

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Moko FM Transmitter: Solid Value & Performance, but Missing a Key Feature

Many new car models enable drivers to use their own device to play music on the car’s stereo. Whether this be through an auxiliary wired connection or a Bluetooth wireless connection, it certainly comes in handy! For those driving older cars without this ability, there are many devices available to serve a similar function. Previously, I was using the Mpow Bluetooth Adapter to play music from my phone to my car speakers. This device is currently on sale for under $25 on Amazon. For $15 cheaper, there is the Moko FM Transmitter. This inexpensive device performed consistently and with high quality, but lacked a key feature for devices of this type.

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There’s an App for That: Waking Up Like The Rock

We have all heard the saying “there’s an app for that”, indicating that yes, your phone can do almost anything for you. This is one of the things that I love most about technology: innovation and simplification. Welcome to a new series here at Morning Coffee Tech where we find the funny, interesting, awesome, and bizarre things that app developers are enabling our phones to do.

Have you ever wanted to wake up like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson does? Of course you have! Well, there’s an app for that! This is The Rock Clock, an alarm app that will utilize the charismatic presence of The Rock to motivate you for the day ahead.

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