Anker PowerCore+ 10050 Portable Battery Charger Review

Recently, metal has become the preferred material for premium cell phones. Companies that primarily made phones with plastic builds have switched, in order to keep up with consumer demand. At this time, phones with metal bodies have batteries soldered into the device, making it impossible to remove or switch it out. This change has placed a level of dependence on locating outlets to quickly charge up a phone or other mobile device on the go. There is another option for times where wall charging may not be possible. This is a review of the Anker PowerCore+ 10050 portable battery charger.

What’s in the Box:

In the box comes the PowerCore+, the short cable used for charging a device and recharging the PowerCore+, a mesh carrying case and an instruction manual.


Design/Build Quality:

The battery charger has a metal body that is cold to touch and very pleasant to hold.


The device is heavier than most phones and is relatively thick.


It can most definitely fit into pants or jeans pockets but may become uncomfortable after sitting down for long periods of time. The device and cable fit comfortably in the mesh carrying case which will fit nicely in a backpack pocket or other storage space for convenient portability.


The PowerCore+ has a small LED wheel that conveniently displays how much power is left.


The displayed model is the gold color and other color options include silver, black and pink. Overall, the device looks and feels premium. It will match flawlessly with corresponding color models of metal phones.

Functionality and Performance:

The PowerCore+ functions simply and without problems. The device is equipped with Quick Charge 2.0 and will charge compatible devices 75% faster than standard charging.


In my experience, it charged up my phone equally as fast as a Quick Charge equipped wall charger would. The power bank can still charge devices without Quick Charge at their standard speeds. The device itself is advertised to recharge twice as fast as other power banks (this takes a few hours depending on the voltage of the power source used for recharging). The device conveniently uses the same small cable to recharge devices and to recharge itself using a wall charger or computer. This cable can be replaced with a third party cable to charge up Apple devices or USB-C devices.


While charging, I experienced no issues with overheating; the device stayed cool throughout. The 10050 in the device’s title represents the voltage in mAh. With this level of voltage, the device can recharge a Galaxy S6 more than twice (confirmed through my testing), an iPhone 6s almost four times and nearly charge an iPad once.  

Overall Value:

The PowerCore+ is currently on sale on Amazon for $29.99. This device has become one that I take nearly everywhere. Sometimes, it is difficult to find an outlet and you may be forced to separate from your phone, leaving it unattended. Using this portable charger, you can literally charge your phone in your pocket. For my phone, a single charge of the power bank provides me with more than two full recharges. The device is portable enough to fit into my backpack, gym bag, car compartments or if necessary, my pocket. Carrying a portable power source provides a comforting reassurance that I will not be left without a charged phone.

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