MoKo Galaxy S6 Charging Case: A Necessary Accessory

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 is my favorite phone. When it comes to my needs and wants for a mobile handset, the S6 is close to perfect. Whenever someone tells me they are looking to buy one for themselves or if I recommend it to someone, I always warn them about the battery life. For a phone as premium as the S6, the battery life is unsatisfactory. There are a few ways that tech savvy consumers can counteract this flaw. One option is to simply carry around a charger and hope for an outlet. Another option is to carry around a power bank, which comes in capacities large enough to provide multiple charges for your device. Admittedly, these methods are too tedious for me. That’s why I decided to try a charging case. This is essentially an external battery built into a cell phone case. MoKo’s case is currently retailing on Amazon for a mere $24.99, here is our in depth review.

What’s In The Box: The box comes with a very short micro-USB cable, the case itself and an instruction manual with information on recharging, installation, etc.


Design/Build Quality: When it comes to battery cases, manufacturers tend to focus on function rather than form. Many battery cases are quite thick, bulky and heavy. MoKo’s take on the accessory isn’t too bad at all, in my opinion. The case is very thick because of the battery it houses and because of the protective bumper.

With that said, I would recommend using a screen protector in addition to the case due to the fact that the case doesn’t seem to protect the front of the handset adequately. With that said, after holding the phone with the case on for a few minutes, I got used to the bulkiness and it became less noticeable. The case also adds some weight to the phone, but nothing that will put a strain on your muscles to carry. The unit comes in two parts: the battery portion and the protective bumper.


For someone with short nails, the two parts may be slightly difficult to separate the first few times. It does loosen up over time and becomes easier to separate as you use it. Installation is very simple: you plug your phone into the dock, then place the bumper over the phone. The unit I ordered was the gloss white color option and looks quite nice.

The material doesn’t attract fingerprints and isn’t too slippery. For a relatively inexpensive, plastic case, it looks and feels quite premium. A positive feature of the case is the speaker grill located at the lower front of the case. 

MoKo added this because of the Galaxy S6’s speaker location being on the bottom of the phone. Without the case’s speaker grills, the phone’s speakers would be blocked. The case’s speakers sound loud and clear. I prefer front firing speakers to rear or down facing speakers, so this feature is welcomed by me. S6 users can now use their phone in landscape mode without muffling the sound! The LED lights on the back of the case are bright and easy to see, even in direct light. The one issue with the case’s design is the headphone jack. Some headphones will not fit into the hole due to thickness. Some pairs may fit, but many will not. For example, the Skullcandy Ink’d earbuds didn’t fit into the case because of their plug size while the Apple Earpods fit without an issue. I wouldn’t recommend fussing too much with this, because it is easy to get the actual plug stuck in the hole which may damage the headphones and the unit itself. As Bluetooth becomes more widely used, this issue becomes less of a problem, though It is still something notable. Other than this minor flaw, the case looks and feels premium, especially considering the price.

Functionality/Performance: Once again, battery cases are meant to be functional rather than attractive. The case performs well and is a great accessory to have. Charging the phone through the case worked very well. When ready, simply hold the power button on the back of the case for a few seconds and your phone will act as if it was plugged into a wall charger and the LEDs on the back of the case light up.

When finished charging, simply press the button again, and the phone will stop charging. According to the instruction manual, a two second press should enable a user to check the case’s battery level through the LED indicators on the back. This only works while the case is charging the phone. In other words, you can only check the case’s battery level if charging is in progress. This doesn’t really matter, it’s just something I noted through use. Speaking of the LEDs, they never actually indicated that the case was fully charged, even when it was. The fourth LED light continued to blink, indicating that it was still charging the last 25% of the case’s battery. Technologically, this was due to power wastage and the prevention of over charging. With that said, you will know for sure when the case is 75% charged, but knowing when it is 100% will require a little guess work and approximation.  Another issue, which was disappointing, involves charging the case itself. When I tried using my Samsung fast charger to recharge the case and phone, it was a very glitchy experience and the phone didn’t end up charging properly. As it turns out, my Samsung power brick and cable weren’t fully compatible with the case. To get the case to charge properly (the phone charges fully before the case begins to charge) I needed to use a third party power brick (I used one from Belkin) and the micro-USB cable that was provided with the case. This poses some issues. First: the cable is very short, which is inconvenient. More importantly, because I couldn’t use the charger that came with my phone, I couldn’t use fast charging to charge my phone with the case installed. A third party quick charger may work, but I can’t confirm this. Although tedious, I simply removed the case before charging my phone, so I could still take advantage of quick charge. All in all, the case does what it is supposed to do: charge your phone on the go. It does so quickly taking about an hour and a half for a full charge.To fully recharge the case, it takes about five hours. The case’s capacity is more than enough to double the battery life of your Galaxy S6. The last thing to keep in mind is that with this case (as well as other battery cases), wireless charging and NFC will be unusable. If wireless charging is very important to you, you can try plugging a Qi wireless charging receiver into the case. This enables non-wireless charging devices to charge wirelessly. Disclaimer: I have not tested this method and can’t confirm that it works.

Overall Value: The MoKo Galaxy S6 Battery Case is only $25. Many battery cases are twice that, if not more. This case is not perfect but definitely gets the job done. Overall, for $25, you get a quality case that can double your phone’s battery life and provide a full charge in only an hour and a half on the go. For this price, I am willing to overlook the case’s flaws. For Galaxy S6 users, a battery case is a necessary accessory and the MoKo Charging Case is a great option for those on a budget.

Review at a Glance:

The Good :  Design (look and feel), charges phone quickly, speaker grill, provides over an entire charge, price

The Bad:  Headphone port, charger compatibility issues, one can’t tell when the case is fully charged

Buy one:
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