5 Things to Expect from the Samsung Galaxy S7

Holiday spirit is in the air and many eager consumers of all ages have just unwrapped a brand new phone. Whether it be the iPhone 6S or the Galaxy S6, nothing beats peeling the plastic off of your shiny, new phone. As these flagships are relatively new, both devices have been out for several months. If possible, it may be prudent to wait a few more months before upgrading. Rumors show some exciting new phones coming in 2016. One of the most eagerly awaited being the Galaxy S7 from Samsung. It’s still early, so rumors should be taken only with a grain of salt; here is a breakdown of what we think we know so far about the Galaxy S7.

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MoKo Galaxy S6 Charging Case: A Necessary Accessory

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 is my favorite phone. When it comes to my needs and wants for a mobile handset, the S6 is close to perfect. Whenever someone tells me they are looking to buy one for themselves or if I recommend it to someone, I always warn them about the battery life. For a phone as premium as the S6, the battery life is unsatisfactory. There are a few ways that tech savvy consumers can counteract this flaw. One option is to simply carry around a charger and hope for an outlet. Another option is to carry around a power bank, which comes in capacities large enough to provide multiple charges for your device. Admittedly, these methods are too tedious for me. That’s why I decided to try a charging case. This is essentially an external battery built into a cell phone case. MoKo’s case is currently retailing on Amazon for a mere $24.99, here is our in depth review.

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