Is the LG Gram the Perfect Ultra-Portable Laptop?

With a name like Gram and a tagline “lighter than air”, it is clear that LG is aiming for portability with their newest laptop. Portable notebooks are great. You can carry them around in your backpack, carry it with one hand, and take it anywhere with minimal effort. The downside with many ultra-portable laptops are power and battery life. Because these laptops are so thin, there is less space to put a battery. With less battery power, manufacturers must build a laptop with less RAM and weaker processors. LG is looking to give users the best of both worlds with the Gram, and they did a pretty good job doing so.

Design: Design is where the Gram shines brightest. The laptop is made from carbon magnesium, which makes it feel premium and unbelievably light in the hand. The 14 inch model of the Gram is almost a pound lighter than the 13 inch Macbook air. This makes the Gram the lightest laptop in the 14 inch form factor. The device stunts ultra thin bezels surrounding a full HD, 1080p screen. It comes in a ‘snow white’ and a gorgeous ‘champagne gold’ color. The fans in this laptop run very quietly. The downside of this is, when used heavily, the Gram will get noticeably hot to the touch. The speakers are located on either side of the chassis and are pretty much what you would expect from a laptop: it will get the job done but won’t impress. There is, however, audio enhancements for when you plug headphones into the device. This is called DAC audio and it gives louder and richer sound when headphones are plugged into the Gram. A large downside with the Gram’s design is that the keyboard is not backlit. I wouldn’t call this a deal breaker, but certainly a disappointment. The Gram is a beautiful and premium device, and a backlit keyboard would only enhance this.


Specifications: The Gram’s tech specs really make it stand out compared to other ultra thin laptops. The Gram comes with 8 gigabytes of ram, which is double the standard amount of RAM found in ultra thin laptops. It also comes equipped with up to a Core i7 processor from Intel. In other words, if you buy the ‘souped up’ model, it will run Windows 10 almost flawlessly. There are also configurations with an i5 processor and a selection of either 128 or 256 gigabytes of SSD storage. Low intensity games will run okay on low settings with the integrated graphics chip, but this is definitely not a laptop meant for heavy gaming.

Battery Life: Battery life certainly isn’t bad with the Gram, considering its form factor. LG claims seven and a half hours of battery life with the built in 4,555 mAh battery. Obviously, battery life depends upon usage and screen brightness, but one can generally expect four to five hours of screen on time with moderate usage.

Price: Laptops are getting quite expensive, in my opinion. With popular laptops such as the Macbook, the Microsoft Surface Book and the Dell XPS, one really can’t pay under $1,000 for a premium laptop. There are low end options, such as Chromebooks, which retail for as low as $130, but you get what you pay for. With that said, the Gram is no exception to these premium prices. You will pay in between $899-$1,400 on Amazon depending on your choice of internals. With a price that is about the same as a Macbook Air, you do get a better value with the Gram. There is a better screen, a more portable form factor and more powerful specification configurations available. Like I always say, if you have bought into the Apple ecosystem already, an Apple laptop is best for you. If not, there are better options for the money.

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Overall: The LG Gram is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a portable and powerful laptop. The Gram is so light, you will barely notice that you are holding it. If it is stored away in a backpack, you will forget it’s there. If you drop $1,400, it will complete any reasonable task without any issue. The battery will be enough to last for a few hours of usage, but keep the charger nearby, just in case. The Gram is the kind of laptop that people will ask you about. Similarly to Macbooks, it screams out premium and will attract major attention. If I was looking for a powerful, portable and beautiful laptop, I would almost certainly go for an LG Gram.

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    1. Thanks, as always, for the feedback!
      Although I don’t personally have a sample in my possession, some users are saying they are getting less than ample battery life. The Verge, for example, reports no more than five hours with regular use. This is an inevitable and disappointing weakness of devices this thin and light. With the Gram, don’t roam too far from the charger.
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