5 Free Apps That Everyone Should Use

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Apps are what turn your cellphone into a smartphone. These days, apps make nearly anything possible on mobile phones and tablets. Many apps are marketed to satisfy a certain audience or occupation. For example, some apps are designed for architects, some for college students, some for website owners, and the list goes on. Here, I list five apps that everyone should use, no matter their demographic group.

*This list is in alphabetical order

  • Amazon: Whether or not you use Amazon for your online shopping needs, everyone should have the Amazon app installed. For those that do use Amazon as their online shopping platform, the mobile app is a quick and easy way to purchase items on the go. For those that don’t, the Amazon app can compare prices, view product images, specifications, reviews, etc. Amazon’s catalog contains nearly everything, and their prices are usually around the lowest available.

 Amazon Shopping- screenshot thumbnail  Amazon Shopping- screenshot

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  • Feedly: Despite one’s age or occupation, everyone has some sort of interest or topic that they follow regularly. Whatever this interest be, Feedly puts all of the content from one’s chosen news sources into a single feed. Personally, I use Feedly to stay up to date on technology news. I simply added all of the news websites I follow, and now, instead of having to visit each website individually, the articles are all in one feed. Any website or blog can be added. Feedly’s interface is beautiful, functional and easy to use.

 feedly: your work newsfeed- screenshot  feedly: your work newsfeed- screenshot

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  • Google Keep: Once again, despite age or occupation, everyone needs to jot down a quick note at some point or another. Physical notepads are nearly phased out, unless you are a journalist trying to look professional (not hating, it works!) In my opinion, Google Keep is the simplest and most useful note taking app available. I just need a place to jot down reminders, instructions, formulas, etc. I don’t need complex interfaces or advanced features. Although Keep has some basic features such as color coding, various note formats, sharing and more, the interface is quite simple and it gets the job done reliably. A very important feature that comes with Keep (as well as other Google apps) is cross-platform integration. Keep is synced with your Google account, so when you make a note on your phone, it is instantly available on all other platforms where you are able to log into your Google account.

 Google Keep- screenshot  Google Keep- screenshot

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  • Google Hangouts: I hate to sound like a Google junkie (which I am), but while writing this, I tried to focus on apps that I use regularly that nearly anyone else could enjoy and make good use of. I am a lover of Samsung, but I don’t love the stock texting app that comes preinstalled. Luckily for those who agree with me, Google Hangouts also comes preinstalled with all Android devices. If you make Hangouts your default texting app, (Android only) all Hangouts (formerly known as Google Chats – it’s the iMessage equivalent for Google users) and text messages will be delivered to the same place. The app also enables you to seamlessly switch between Hangouts and SMS on a per contact basis, if you frequently switch between the two communication methods for certain contacts. Even if you don’t use Hangouts for chat, I prefer the general appearance and performance of Hangouts to the stock messaging apps.

 Hangouts- screenshot  Hangouts- screenshot

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  • Whitepages Caller ID & Block: This app is very helpful when it comes to controlling caller ID and spam protection. When I get calls from numbers that aren’t in my contacts, I almost never answer. They usually end up being scams or misdials, so why waste the time? Having this as a rule of thumb sometimes results in missing important calls. Whitepages Caller ID solves this problem. When a user receives a call from an unknown number, whether it be a cell phone or landline, the app pulls up the name that the number is registered to and displays it as a pop up before the user can answer or decline the call. This is a very helpful free tool and removes the guesswork from phone communication. You can also use this app to block numbers, which will send them straight to voicemail if they dial the blocker. Finally, if the number that is calling the user has been reported frequently as spam, the user will be notified of this before answering or declining the call.

*With the IOS app, the user will not be able to identify unknown callers or receive spam warnings before answering or declining, they can only do so through the app.

 Whitepages Caller ID & Block- screenshot  Whitepages Caller ID & Block- screenshot  Whitepages Caller ID & Block- screenshot

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Thanks so much for reading this article! I am always looking for new apps to try out, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to email me at john@morningcoffeetech.com or tweet us @amcoffeetech. Thanks again, I’ll see you in the next post.

Disclaimer: These are my personal selections of apps. None of the app developers have sponsored me or offered me any kind of compensation for writing this article.

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*All app screenshots were taken from the Play Store website and are the property of the applications’ respective developers.

4 thoughts on “5 Free Apps That Everyone Should Use

    1. Hi Keith,
      Thanks so much for the kind words. Make sure to keep checking in for more content!
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  1. Feedly is pretty awesome, very useful to keep up with blogs. However, I do sometimes find it challenging to work with a large amount of feeds.

    A recommendation I can think of for your list is IFTTT, worth checking out.

    1. Hi Shane,
      Thank you for your comment. I agree, Feedly does have its gripes and quirks but it gets the job done. I actually used to use IFTT, it was quite a cool app. I haven’t checked in with it in a while, I’ll have to revisit it. Thank you for the recommendation, I really appreciate it. If you’re interested, be sure to check back with Morning Coffee Tech, because more content is on the way.
      Thanks again,

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