What I Put in Today’s Afternoon Coffee

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Ahh coffee, where would we be without it? I certainly wouldn’t be here energetically typing on my computer if I wouldn’t have already indulged in two cups today. There are many arguments among avid coffee drinkers about what is the best way to brew a cup of coffee. Whether you use a standard drip machine, a french press or a Chemex brewer, each method has its ups and downs. One argument that I have never heard is that a Keurig makes the best cup of coffee. Don’t worry, I am not about to make this argument. However, I do believe the Keurig is the easiest way to brew a cup of coffee.20151012_151007

Yes it’s bitter, yes it lacks flavor, yes the pods are terribly overpriced and the list goes on. I love my cheap Kitchen Aid drip machine. My father and I are lucky enough to wake up to a fresh brewed pot of coffee every morning courtesy of my Mom, who is always the first one awake in the house. This morning pot of coffee is always strong, fresh and flavorful. However, when brewing a single cup of coffee for myself it just isn’t practical to use the drip machine. This is why the Keurig sells so well despite its coffee quality leaving some to be desired. Sometimes, you just gotta rough it out! I am, however, always looking for ways to compensate for this quality gap. With things like this, Google is your best friend. Today’s Google search was: “how to naturally make vanilla flavored coffee”. Immediately I was taken back to when I first started drinking coffee and my olfactory senses brought me to my Grandma’s place where coffee was first introduced to me. I was little, so it wasn’t the strong, caffeinated beverage I enjoy today. It was a small amount of decaf coffee sweetened with the delicious, overly sweet artificial creamers and cinnamon, what could go wrong? This afternoon I recreated this memory using a homemade, mild, all natural flavor enhancement for my coffee: lets check it out!

I have tried adding pure vanilla extract to coffee, hoping that the heavenly smell of the stuff would translate to a heavenly taste, but all it made was an even more bitter cup. This is when I decided to let Google help me out. Google brought me to many recipes for simple, natural, vanilla flavorings predominantly created by fellow bloggers. After skimming through the seemingly unlimited arsenal of different recipes I found the simplest, healthiest and hopefully tastiest out there. I was surprised to see maple syrup as one of the three ingredients. This sense of surprise immediately faded once I licked the spoon, like a child would. Before I added my Dad’s premium maple syrup, I thought up some alternatives, hoping for a lower calorie option. I thought of honey and agave, both of which had comparable calorie counts. So I went with maple syrup after all, adding a teaspoon to my usual amount of half and half. Finally, the key ingredient: vanilla extract. I added this to the mixture and stirred until the mixture turned golden. (I pretty much eyed out ingredient amounts, feel free to adjust based on how sweet you want your beverage to be.)


I then brewed a Starbucks pod in my Keurig, gave it a stir and took a sip. YUM. Subtle, sweet, and (relatively) guilt-free. I even found myself forgetting about the bitterness that a Keurig user must adapt to.


As much as I enjoy strong coffee, I sometimes crave a sweet addition. If you are like me and crave this taste but don’t feel like cheating too much on your diet, give this recipe a try on your next afternoon cup of joe, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Hopefully you all enjoyed this small break from the subject of technology here on Morning Coffee Tech. If you’d like to see more posts like this, please feel free to let me know in the comments section. I’d also like to hear if you tried this recipe and if so what you thought. Finally please make sure to follow us on Twitter @amcoffeetech. As always, thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you in the next one!

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