Microsoft Early October 2015 Event Summary & Thoughts

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In the past weeks, consumers have seen the unveiling of a wealth of new devices from technology’s top developers. In late September, both Apple andGoogle held events where we saw multiple new devices including a new line of iPads, a new generation of iPhones, two new Google phones and more. You can find my summary and thoughts on these events by clicking on the hyperlinked words above. For all of the Windows lovers out there, Microsoft too has had their moment under the spotlight this past Tuesday where they unveiled some intriguingly powerful devices. Lets check it out!

Surface Pro 4:

Since its unveiling in 2012, the line of Microsoft Surface convertibles has made quite the impact in the world of technology. For most consumers and lovers of technology, any device that flawlessly switches between a laptop and a tablet is a direct competitor of the Microsoft Surface. Convertibles are in my opinion, what tablets will eventually completely transform into. As I have mentioned in other posts, I don’t believe tablets are useful enough to stay relevant. Tablets tend to be under powered, using mobile chips and mobile software. This really just makes them feel like a very big phone. Convertibles on the other hand, tend to use computer grade chips and use full Windows software while sticking with the small, portable and thin form factor that we all love about tablets. With convertibles, a user can really get stuff done. With the new Surface Pro 4, Microsoft has made this even easier by making the high-end configurations really powerful. Microsoft changed the screen size slightly to 12.3 inches. This makes it a nice medium between the 11 inch and 13+ inch standard laptop form factors. The device is also thinner and lighter. When compared to tablets such as the iPad, it may seem a little thick, however when compared to other laptops, it will be noticeably thinner and lighter. Like I said, depending on the consumer’s choice of configuration, this device can be really powerful. Microsoft claims that the Surface Pro 4 will be 50 percent faster than the Macbook Air from Apple and worlds ahead of the Surface Pro 3. This doesn’t come as a surprise considering you can purchase the convertible with the latest i7 processor from Intel and a whopping 16gb of RAM (four times the amount of RAM when compared to the laptop I am currently typing on). Remember: all of this in a package that is comparable to a tablet in build quality. Speaking of build quality, you get a beautiful metal build with the famous hinge on the back which seems to greatly improve each generation. Now I must, of course, talk about price. I hate to sound like a broken record from post to post but I have no choice. This device starts at $899. However, if you want the version with the specifications I mentioned earlier (of course you do!) you will end up paying well over a grand on the device. Now, when compared to its competition, this isn’t a bad deal. The device is quite powerful and the form factor is desirable. But I still find it hard to cough up over a thousand dollars for a laptop when there are low end alternatives for a fraction of that. Naturally, you get what you pay for. But as I have mentioned time and time again, in the world of technology, I believe we are paying way more than we should be. Take this as it is, of course. I think the Surface Pro 4 is an incredible device. If I had more money to spend, I would undoubtedly consider it for my go-to device for travel (travel being to and from school, work, etc.)


Surface Book:

A landmark indeed! Microsoft’s first laptop completely manufactured in-house. This laptop is quite impressive, to put it simply. There isn’t a whole ton to say about this device: its simple, metal, thin, light, beautiful and powerful. What sets it aside from other laptops is a hinge located in between the device and its keyboard. This essentially turns it into a convertible (making it relatively similar to the Surface Pro). This hinge is different from any other that I have seen, and it is relatively difficult to describe with words. Believe it or not, you can fully detach the unit from the keyboard (fully making it a convertible.) When I was reading up on this device, I actually double checked to make sure I wasn’t reading up on the Surface Pro! Like many other laptops across various manufacturers: Microsoft aims to one-up Apple, so to speak. This is a large task at hand, because admittedly, Apple whips up a mean laptop (pardon the informal speech!)  The laptop is slightly larger than its brother (the Surface Pro 4) measuring in at 13.5 inches. This is not a small laptop, but it will certainly feel small given its excellent feel in the hand and its ability to become even lighter, when detached from its keyboard. Like the Surface Pro, this device will be powerful, specifications depending on how much you pay. But without a doubt, if you’re willing to spend the money, you will be able to fly through light tasks and probably heavy ones without too many flaws. I will not retype my rant on prices into this paragraph. However, I feel like with this device, being much more expensive than the Surface starting at a whopping $1599 is more worth it. Will I pay this much for a laptop? No, not right now. But if I were to spend nearly two grand on a laptop, it would probably be this one. It is interesting for me to say this, considering that previously, I thought if I had all the money in the world, I would go for the highest end model of the Macbook, even though I am not an Apple fan. I feel this way no longer! Microsoft calls the Surface Book ‘the ultimate laptop’ and for once, I will not take this caption with a grain of salt. The Surface Book really does seem to be where simplicity meets power and portability. Not to mention the fact that it will probably run Windows better than any other device, being manufactured by Microsoft. The more photos I look at, the more I drool over this device. I have posted some of these pictures below so you can hopefully see for yourself what I mean.


That is the gist of what Microsoft showed us earlier this week, and it is a big step forward. Many sources are calling this Microsoft’s best unveiling ever…and I agree. Certain companies (such as Apple) just make me wish money was an unlimited resource. This is coming from an Android user of course, but I am not going to lie. When I see people carrying around there beautiful MacBooks, there are a few jealous bones in my body. I feel like with both of the devices discussed in this post, I will feel the same way but even more so. My next laptop will probably be a Surface Book (assuming Microsoft continues this line of devices…but why wouldn’t they?) As always, if you made it to this point, thank you! I look forward from hearing from you in the comments about what you think about the new devices. Of course feel free to post any criticisms you may have about my blog, I am always looking to improve. Please feel free to follow me here on WordPress and on Twitter @amcoffeetech because I have many more posts coming soon! I’ll see you in the next one, thanks for reading.

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